About Us

Safe-Hemp-OilSafe Hemp Oil is the complete online shop for all natural safe pain relief. Our products contain CBD or cannabinoids which is an element which contains over 85 safe chemical compounds extracted from cannabis. Though cannabis is not legal for sale in its raw state, its legal for sale in its extracted state. This means that when brands like NuLeaf Naturals extract the CBD from the plant and create an oil compound, the product now becomes legal for resale. One of our best sellers is Hemp Oil which is an extract thats taken from cannabis.

Why are there so many restrictions with the sale of CBD?

Pure CannabinoilWe are blessed to live in the United States of America which is governed by a democratic. Therefore, its citizen vote members in to congress who protect the people and the constitution. The US Congress voted to ban the substance of cannabis due to its dangerous potantacy. However what many of these members don’t know is that cannabis has many different elements in the plant which only one element is potent. This dangerous element is referred to as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Only when this part of plant is extracted and then heated up can cannabis become potent. The major and safe element is called phytocannabinoid which accounts for up to 40% of the plants extract. We refer to this element as CBD or cannabinoids.

So what inspired Safe Hemp Oil to take on this challenge?

Allen Czermak, President of Safe Hemp Oil crossed with the healthcare sector and played witness to the bad side effect of opioids. Many older adults and seniors experience pain daily and can only get through their daily lives by taking strong pain relief medications. The effective substance found in morphine, is alkaloid, opium, opiate ,analgesic, and narcotic. It effects in the central nervous system and on smooth muscle throughout one's whole body. The damage from taking such a substance can lead to a vast number of side effects which include, addiction, dependence, respiratory distress, and death.

After searching across the internet for an all natural pain reliever we came across CBD or cannabidiol. The findings were astounding, amazing pain relief with a small dosage which has no side effects. Most adults will see a major change with just two drops daily of hemp oil extract.



What if I don’t like the way it tastes?

We totally understand that the taste might be a bit much for you. Instead of placing the drops under your pallet, try incorporating them into a drink or other liquid. One can even place the drops in the shampoo which they use when showering. We suggest to place the drops into your palm after the desired amount of shampoo is in your hand.

This is my first time trying CBD oil and I am little hesitant to purchasing it?

Prior to purchasing CBD oil always run it by a physician or nutritionist. They will tell you what to expect and let you know its health benefits. This is why we created a small bottle of just 100 drops at a low price. If you receive it and the bottle is still its original packaging you can return and get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing it.